Concert CPH. 2013

Concert CPH. 2013

Concert Black Diamond 2013

Concert Black Diamond 2013
Photo: Stine Nissen

Performance/concert in Rio de Janeiro

Performance/concert in Rio de Janeiro

Concert/Performance/Installation at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, CPH. 2012

Concert/Performance/Installation at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, CPH. 2012

Field Recording

Field Recording
Photo: Rikke Lylloff

Athens 2014

She is working in the intersection between electronic music and sound art exploring all sources of sound _ electronic sounds, field recordings etc. She experiments with varied forms of expression and medias such as performances, concerts, installations, videos, video games, audio walks and multichannel set-ups. She works on her own projects and as a gesamtkunstwerk with other artists.

About her expression is said:

SØS creates intense turmoil in the listener's mind. Her music is known for its transformative strong physical power. Raw sounds framed by almost symphonic forms creates a unique expressivity with an insistent prospective timing. There is always something behind the sound - behind the timbre.

Ryberg's music and art explores the relation that sound has to its space and its ability to create a special atmosphere in the minds of the listener.

She constantly seeks to mix new forms of expression and new medias such as installation art, multichannel speaker setups and performance art which create impressions and expressions that merge into unique and orginal works.

Awarded with the Danish Composers' Society's prize 2011

Awarded from The Danish Art Agency/Statens Kunstfond 2011

During the last years she has worked at different locations, some of them:

Diapason Gallery in NY, Istanbul Biennale, COMUNA in Rio de Janeiro, California Institute of the Arts in LA, SMart Multimedia Festival in Michigan, Edinburgh Science Festival, Stockholm Cultural Festival, The Danish Ministry of Culture, Charlottenborg exhibition hall in Cph, The Danish Royal Library 'The Black Diamond', STRØM Electronic Music Festival in Cph., Lak Festival for Nordic Sound Art, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Wundergrund Festival in Cph, Klang Avantgarde Music Festival in Cph., Dansescenen in Cph., Museum Of Comtemporary Art in DK, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Cph., Danish National School of Contemporary Dance, Copenhagen Contemporary in the Center of Photography in Cph., and The Museum of art in Esbjerg.

Member of the Danish Composers' Society.

Working also at PLAYDEAD for a new videogame.

Examples of compositions

If you would like examples of concerts, sound installations or audiowalks, please feel free to contact.
Some of these compositions are made for multichannel set ups or as a sculptural piece in a space like flying speakers. 

De_Lay by SØS Gunver Ryberg

Wilhelm Tell (excerpt 01) of dance performance by SØS Gunver Ryberg

OztAân by SØS Gunver Ryberg

Recording in Arctic

Recording in Arctic

About her way of working:

"The wildness of experimentation, curiosity and the proces are a very important part of how I work with sound. I'm very interested in the timbre of sound, it's vibration, it's force and energy. I'm experimenting with a variety of different ways to find an expression that resonates within me. At the moment I work a lot with live sampling different obejcts with contact mics and processing the sounds and mixing them into an electronic universe.

I often work with different types of Contact microphones on objects both at my concerts and for my compositions. How I process and work with the sound is very different. I change my set up in my studio for every piece I do. I often connect several machines in my studio and work with them as one instrument. I want to find an organic way of working with the sound. The setups often inspires me to work with the sounds in different ways than I imagined. My focus is usually on recording sounds and exploring these field recordings within electronic sounds. I use effects, analogue and digital, drummachines, samplers, taperecorders, different contact mic's, amplifies, synths, my computer, spectral processing, convolution and more. I'm always interested to learn new techniques.

Spatilizing sound is very important to me and is a part of almost all my works. I work with various multi channel configurations – always created for the specific site or piece. I want to integrate the spatialization while also making the sound tactile. The sound amour and the flying speakers are examples of that.

In my concerts, performances and installations I often, in some way, experiment with staging. I like to mix different medias – such as video, lightting and objects – to create a unique universe in relation to the sound and music – it can be a total installation like ”LOST IN MAPPING” or as my interactive audio walks ”Traces of time” and ”Travel Beyond Direction” or my concerts and performances. Often when I compose I get images of how to combine the atmosphere with visual elements. I like creating universes that influence all our senses.

I use improvisation in my concerts but also as a part of my compositions. In my compositions I have different states of improvisation. Some times I end up with an idea where I compose every single detaile. Some times I leave some parts from the improvisation more rough without editing too much.

I have always been interested in exploring different states of consciousness. And for some time I have found it very interesting to work with trance states and hynotic sounds. I've had sessions in my studio where I went into a self hypnosis before I started composing. It's always important for me to express and explore the inner and outer nature of sound. I want to challenge reality, space and time."